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  • Management Programs in China taught in English for International Students

    Business Administration:

    Business Administration ( BBA, MBA ), Human Resources Development, Human Resource Management, Accounting,

    Auditing, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Marketing and Planning, Labor Relations,

    Assets Appraisal, Property Management, Cultural Industry Management, Advertising Operation and Management,

    Exhibition Planning and Management, Business Image Communication, Media Planning and Management,


    Sports Economics and Management, Management of Agricultural Economy, Franchise Management,

    Chain Operation Management, Forestry Economics & Management,

    Technology Economics and Management, Educational Economy and Management,

    Exhibition Economy and Management

    Electronic Commerce Management:

    International Business, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Commerce and Law,

    Public Administration:

    Administration Management, Urban Management, Public Relations, Public Service Administration,

    Land Resource Management, Labor and Social Security, International Shipping Business Management,

    Customs Administration, Traffic Management, Maritime Management, Environmental Management,

    International Quality Management System Certification,

    Books and Archives Management:

    Archival Science, Library Science, Information Resource Management,

    Logistics Management:

    Procurement Management, Logistics Management,

    Engineering Management:

    Quality Control Engineering, Engineering Management, Real Estate Development and Management,

    Information Management and Information System, Standardization Management,

    Management Science and Engineering

    Tourism Management:

    Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Foreign-related Tourism,

    Restaurant Management: 

    Western Food Process, Food and Beverage Management and Service, Cooking Technology and Nutrition,




    2020 Admission is opening !
    Full Scholarship is available for Medical Master, Phd,
    Bachelor of Pharmacy, Medicine

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